Keurig Coffee Maker Review

In honor of National Coffee Day, I bring you a review of my best friend.

My Keurig single cup coffee maker.


Yep, this little machine and I have a special relationship.

In the morning, I can not wait to go downstairs and visit my Keurig.


Why do we love it? Well, easy…fresh hot coffee just the way we like it in less than a minute!  Seriously… just pop in your favorite “k-cup” coffee pod (over 200 varieties), pick your size and brew.  Not to mention, it really is a “pretty” coffee maker too!


If you are like my husband and I, the selection of coffees is a must and a BIG cost saver.  I can brew a cup of “Kahlua Flavored Coffee” and he can go for a super bold and dark roast without us fighting over the coffee pot and leaving a lot of wasted coffee.


There are several different models to choose from.  We have the Breville pictured below.  We picked this one up right before the release of the newest, “Vue”.  We will be trying that one out next time!






Go on over and check them out at Keurig!



I like my coffee with My Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake


Happy Coffee Day!

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