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#TodayAwaits Lunchtime, Friends and Georgia Coffee

Start Your Meal with Georgia Coffee

Lunchtime with Georgia Coffee

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Georgia Coffee .


Recently I got together with an old friend for lunch. Whenever we get together there is going to be coffee involved.
Thirty years ago, I’d stop by her house every weekday to drop off my daughter to spend the day with her while I worked. She’d have a pot of coffee brewed and pour me a cup to cool as I climbed her stairs. No fuss, we both drink it black.

As years passed we still get together for coffee. The location has changed several times, from our homes to coffee shops and restaurants. Anywhere we can find a good cup.

We can drink it any time of day. On that particular day we had lunch where they serve Georgia Coffee.
Neither of us had ever tried Georgia Coffee before but I had heard a lot about it. I learned that since 1975 they make they use 100% Arabica Beans. These beans are carefully monitored from harvest to shipment to ensure high quality. You can enjoy their coffee as a Light Roast, Dark Roast or Decaf.

When our server came over to ask what we’d like to drink, we both said, “Coffee please!” She smiled and brought us back these lovely, large steaming cups of goodness. No little sippy-sized cups for us! At first, I thought she read our minds but I found out everyone gets to enjoy a hearty mug. 🙂

Start Your Meal with Georgia Coffee


I love the smell of fresh brewed coffee and Georgia Coffee passed the test with flying colors. The aroma is full-bodied and inviting.

Enjoying Georgia Coffee
As far as taste goes, well let’s just say that we finished our first cup in record time. Usually our coffee gets cold while we chat. Not this time. Somehow we managed to get a few words in between sips. We were well over halfway through our second cup before our lunch arrived.

It was nice to enjoy a leisurely lunch with an old friend and linger for a while over a good cup of coffee.
Memories are built one moment at a time. Next time we get together I know we’ll talk about how good the coffee was that we had at lunch this time. I’m willing to bet we go back to the same restaurant. We might not order the same thing for lunch but we definitely will say “Georgia Coffee, please!”


I partnered with Georgia Coffee to write this post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. For more information, visit .
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