Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Free Printable!

This conversation is sponsored by Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine.

As we approach mid-summer, the kids start to get a little board.  They claim they’ve done everything there is to do.  That’s when you have to use a little imagination to keep them busy.  Horizon has challenged me to create a way to inspire imagination in my kids.  For this we decided to combine a fun outside activity with crafting.  A outdoor scavenger hunt! 

To give the kids a list of specific things to find can be great while on a hike or camping, but to inspire a little creativity in our own backyard, I gave them a list of pretty generic items like “find something green, and find something round.”  This gives them lots of options to chose from and everyone picks something a little different.  I threw in a baggie of Horizon crackers, a banana and water bottle to feed their body while feeding their imagination! 


Outdoor Scavenger Hunt with Kid Friendly Snacks from Horizon

When they return with their bounty, we have a little show and tell, and hear why they picked what they did.  Then we sit down with our kid friendly Horizon snacks and see what we can craft from our finds.  

Surprisingly, this little activity can keep them busy for several hours and can be repeated many times throughout the summer.  Each time they seem to come up with something new and different! 


Print your own Outdoor Scavenger Hunt List FREE! 


Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Free Printable!

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This conversation is sponsored by Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine.


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