Summer break is quickly approaching and with the pleasant weather, summer is the perfect time to travel with your family. If you’re out ideas for summer vacation destinations for families, here’s a little help. Keep reading to discover 10 places to visit this summer with your family that you may not have considered before!


10 Summer Vacation Destinations for Families



Summer Vacation Destinations for Families



The Bahamas is a home to good family-friendly resorts and isn’t too crowded during the summer, which makes it a great place to be with your family. You’ll find big water parks and hotel rooms that have kids pools too- it’ll be a nice place to vacation with your family. Did I mention they also have the famous swimming pigs… what kid wouldn’t want to swim with pigs!


US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands is a great place to relax and unwind and still indulge in a little adventure with your family. You’ll find several beachfront resorts that organize kids games and activities too. You can find activities for toddlers all the way to teens. This is one place everyone will be excited to visit!


Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the perfect place to go to for a family vacation. Parents and children alike will love the close view of the breathtaking sight of the falls, and there’s also an aquarium and a butterfly conservatory for all the animal lovers out there. It’s both a fun adventure and an educational opportunity.



Boston may not be on your list for a family vacation, but it is full of amazing museums, and if you’re looking to have an educational vibe to your trip, this one’s a good choice with many historic destinations. There’s also a Children’s museum and the Museum of Science to keep your little ones busy.



For a worldly adventure, try Amsterdam. From world-class restaurants, big parks, and beautiful streets, Amsterdam is another great choice for a family vacation.


Myrtle Beach

A beach town that is always a good vacation spot for families. There’s plenty to see and enjoy especially the amusement park and the aquarium.


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico may not be on your radar but can provide an amazing choice for families looking to find some adventure on their trip. You’ll find beaches, an old rainforest and even some islands to check out and relax. Use the opportunity to explore historic areas and learn a bit more about the area as well.


Jackson Hole

This place has amazing mountain scenery and is a good place for all the nature lovers in the family. Kids can also enjoy a hike at the National Park for a little thrill.


Portland, Oregon

Portland’s green spaces capture every nature lover’s heart and that’s exactly why so many families flock there for a vacation. There’s also a zoo, a children’s museum, and a brilliant rose garden. The Pacific Ocean beaches and the Cascade Mountains are just a few hours drive in either direction!


Ocean City

Ocean city has wide beaches and mini golf-courses with lots of ice-cream shops and a nice boardwalk to keep your kids occupied- another great choice for a family vacay.



Where have you been on a family vacation that you loved?

Share with us some of your ideas that maybe others haven’t experienced or thought of!

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