tabletop tree
tabletop trees
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So you say that you don’t have room for a 6-ft tree? Even a 4-ft tall tree is too much? How about a Tabletop Tree?
I love the smell of a real tree. Crawling under wires and fussing with skirting to water it is another thing. Cleaning up needles for months doesn’t set my soul on fire either. But I endure these minor discomforts for the joy a decorated tree can give.
I realize not everyone has time or is physically capable of caring for a full sized tree. If you have pets, they can be another concern. I had cats that loved un-decorating the tree or just climbing it. I hope you never need to deal with sap on a pet. You get the picture.
I saw these Tabletop Trees from Jackson and Perkins and wanted to share them with you.
The trees are fully rooted and decorated. They come with a battery pack so you can put them anywhere in a room! No outlet needed.
tabletop trees

What do you think about miniature Christmas trees? Share your thoughts in a comment with me!

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