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The History of Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments
Christmas Tree Ornaments
German Chirstmas Tree Ornament

If you celebrate Christmas, you probably have a Christmas tree somewhere in your house right now adorned with beautiful ornaments.  You may even collect Christmas tree ornaments.  But, you may not know that Christmas trees didn’t always have ornaments and lights on them.

In the 16th century Martin Luther first put candles on Christmas trees for the children.   The first ornaments were apples hung from Christmas trees in Germany during the 17th century.  This later evolved in the 18th century evolved into hanging nuts, other fruit, cookies, and streamers on the tree along with the apples.

Christmas tree ornaments were brought to the United States during the 19th century by German immigrants.  They began being sold in stores during the late 1800’s when Woolworth’s began carrying imported ornaments.  Since that time, Christmas tree ornaments have exploded in the United States with most, if not all, Christmas trees being decorated with ornaments.


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