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Lucky Bamboo Perfect Holiday Gift #Gardensense

Lucky Bamboo
Have you ever heard of Lucky Bamboo? This plant is said to bring you luck. It can grow with or without soil and survive and thrive only in water. Pretty lucky, huh?
I’ll let you in on a little secret. This plant isn’t lucky, its hydroponic. By the way, it isn’t in any way related to bamboo!
That doesn’t mean you should take a pass on this houseplant. It makes the perfect plant gift for those green-thumb challenged on your gift list.
This plant is actually, Dracaena sanderiana.
Keep in indirect light away from sunlight but not in a darkened room.
If you choose to grow it in water, try placing the stem in fish gravel and keeping the roots submerged. Use water free of chlorine if possible. Fertilize sparingly. Mist as needed.
If you choose to grow it in soil, keep it moderately moist. Fertilize monthly.
Keep the plant in an area with good air circulation. Avoid drafts and keep an eye out for algae.
Very easy to care for and long living, Lucky Bamboo is pretty lucky after all!

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