Some families have traditions that they do every year when they put up their Christmas tree.

 For some, it has to always be a fresh Christmas tree that they cut down every year on a tree farm.

 For others their collection of  hand-made ornaments must appear on the tree every year.

And for others, it’s the tradition of The Christmas Pickle.



The Christmas Pickle is a tradition that goes back over one hundred years to when people first started decorating their Christmas trees.  They usually used what they had on hand; and food was something easily available.   Many trees were decorated with popcorn, fruit and yes, even pickles.  It was part of the Christmas celebration to remove the fruit and food from the tree to enjoy during the family dinner on Christmas Day.


While decorating the tree, someone “hides” a pickle in the tree and then there is a contest to see who can find the pickle first.  The winner receives a prize or special treat.  The prize or treat can be something expensive or just a fun gift to reward the person for finding the pickle.


Years ago a real pickle was used, but today families purchase an ornament made from plastic or glass.



A pretty shiny glass pickle ornament…


Children love to play this game of finding the pickle after the Christmas tree is decorated.  They love to be the one to “find” the pickle and receive a special prize for all their hard work.  I think it’s nice to have prizes for all those who participate but have a bigger prize for the person who found the pickle.

This is a fun way to start the Christmas season and something I wish I knew about when my children were younger. 

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  1. I never heard of a Christmas pickle. What fun!

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