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Free Mandala Dream Printable and a Talk with Brown Gal Trekker

Free Dream Mandala Printable Art | Daily Dish Magazine

Today for #MotivationMonday we talk with another blogger, Brown Gal Trekker, and share another inspirational FREE Mandala Dream Printable. Marinel is another gal who has not been afraid to dream and is making a real impact inspiring others to become solo female trekkers.


Free Mandala Dream Printable Art


Free Dream Mandala Printable Art | Daily Dish MagazineScroll to bottom to print your free mandala dream printable art


How long have you been blogging?  4 months
What is your goal in blogging?
To inspire women and solo travelers to trek up mountains and to promote off the beaten path destinations. The blog is also in support of my social enterprise, Peak Explorations (www.peakexplorations.com) which markets adventure travel and trekking tours globally.
What do you struggle with most in blogging?
The time factor is a challenge as writing, marketing and everything else in between requires a significant amount of time. I am working on my blog and social enterprise while still working full-time; hence, the time outside my regular job is limited.
What do you think helps motivate you most in blogging?
The mission and goals of my social enterprise and blog motivate me best. I often remind myself of the purpose that my blogging serves. It’s not meant to simply write down my experiences. I take the role of a blogger as a way for me to educate and inspire others to venture into the world of mountain trekking, especially women and solo travelers. My social enterprise focuses on promoting local sustainable tourism; hence, the more people who join our treks/tours, the more I’m helping out remote mountain communities that are in dire need of income.
What is your biggest success in blogging?
I wrote a piece called, “Don’t Date a Girl Who Treks,” to celebrate female voices on the mountain trails and their passion for the mountains. It was published on four different media platforms including Huffington Post. It was widely circulated among various outdoor and travel groups from which I received an overwhelmingly positive response as to the impact the piece had on both men and women from all walks of life. Now, the piece is the subject of a film project with an award-winning photographer to promote women in the outdoors media.
What recommendations can you make for others who want to start their own blog?
Be you. Write authentically and see where the writing takes you from there. You may be surprised how unique and relevant your voice is.


Thanks so much to Marinel for sharing her blogging story. Click over to her blog and check it out.

You will surely be inspired!

Be sure to download your free Mandala Dream Printable Art to inspire you to keep reaching for your goals! 


Free Dream Mandala Printable Art | Daily Dish Magazine




Check out this fun Rose Gold “Dreamer” FREE Printable and a talk with Mindful Travel too! 

Free Rose Gold Dreamer Printable Art




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