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Coconut Raspberry Mojito Recipe

Coconut Raspberry Mojito Recipe | Daily Dish Magazine

Get your cocktail shakers out, trim some spearmint sprigs and slice up some lemons because it’s time for a delicious Coconut Raspberry Mojito!


Coconut Raspberry Mojito Recipe | Daily Dish Magazine

Coconut Raspberry Mojito

Valentine´s Day is just around the corner, which means I’m getting into full romantic planning mode. Pink cocktails, delicious dinners for 2 and indulgent desserts are all I can think of right now so if you are on the same bandwagon as me this is the perfect cocktail for you.

But you know what? If you are not on the same romantic heart shaped everything bandwagon this is also for you as well. Why? Because this is delicious. Period.

This is just a bit sparkly, super tropical, incredibly refreshing and did I say oh so beautiful? I mean just look at those bright pinks, greens and yellow, this cocktail is begging to be photographed and shared on Instagram (or you know…just bragged with friends).


Coconut Raspberry Mojito Recipe | Daily Dish Magazine


But the bright colors and intense flavor are not the only things that I love about this. I mean this cocktail is really easy to shake and serve so you can look like a total profesh cocktail shaker without having to do a ton of work.

The process has 2 steps and both of them are what give this so much zing. The first one is the muddling. You basically muddle (or smash) the raspberries, with the spearmint, lemon, and some sugar. The second step is the shaking – best step in my opinion – when you just add some rum and coconut water to a cocktail shaker along with ice and shake shake shake. Then it’s just a matter of pouring in the glass and topping with some sparkling water.


Coconut Raspberry Mojito Recipe | Daily Dish Magazine


This is the perfect cocktail to enjoy with some chips and guac or with a fancy appetizer like bruschettas so you can pair it with all the delicious treats you have planned for Valentine’s Day.


Coconut Raspberry Mojito Recipe | Daily Dish Magazine


Coconut Raspberry Mojito


  • 1 Spearmint sprig
  • 1/4 Cup frozen raspberries
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 1 Lemon wedge
  • 1 Ounce white rum
  • 2 Ounces coconut water
  • 1/2 Cup sparkling water


  1. In a tall glass muddle the spearmint, raspberries, sugar and the lemon.
  2. In a cocktail shaker add the rum and the coconut water along with ice and shake until chilled.
  3. Pour into the tall glass.
  4. Top with the sparkling water and serve decorated.


Coconut Raspberry Mojito Recipe | Daily Dish Magazine


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  1. Such an amazing combination of raspberries and coconut. It sounds so refreshing, must try it, Tracy!

  2. An amazing combination of coconut and raspberries. I would try to make it someday, although it’s not Valentine day anymore 🙂

  3. I absolutely love your bright vibrant photographs and they are making me so cheerful. The flavor of coconut water along should be amazing in that mojito.

  4. How refreshing does this sound?!?! I bought a muddler recently and now I need to use it. The addition of coconut water is the perfect compliment to the tart raspberry and I love the addition of the sparkling water!

  5. Valentine’s Day is long gone- so I’m just going to have to make this because it’s Wednesday- that’s a great reason right? Mmm!!

  6. Oh I really genuinely love the look of this! My and BFF are huge raspberry fans when it comes to cocktails and I will definitely fix her and I up a couple of these 😀

  7. This is beautiful! I’m dreaming about tropical vacations and cocktails on the beach now, especially with the coconut!

  8. This drink is certainly beautiful! I can see me fixing a pitcher of the raspberry coconut mojito. I think this recipe could easily replace our sangria.

  9. This drink sounds so delicious. I love coconut and raspberries so I’m sure I’d love it. It’s also pretty and would be great for entertaining with some good guac and chips!

  10. Such an awesome medley of flavors. I love anything coconuty, so I would love to try this sometime.

  11. Byron Thomas says:

    I’m really not much of a drinker, in fact, I very rarely drink anything with alcohol at all. The exception to the rule though, is a mojito. This particular one looks amazing and the photos have me drooling! Looks so refreshing!

  12. Love the color of this drink, just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Mojitos are so refreshing and I love the idea of the coconut and raspberry.

  13. I was totally in love with it when i saw it on FB!!! beautiful color and i m definitely trying this!

  14. Now that sounds like my kind of drinks.. Love coconut water and raspberry – such an delish combi.. Can’t wait to try.

  15. I love mojitos, and this flavor combination sounds amazing! I’ll be making these to impress my friends!

  16. Mojitos are my favorite drink. I am loving your mizture of flavors here. And your photos are gorgeous.

  17. I love how bright and pretty these mojitos are! So perfect for spring and summer. Can’t wait to try the recipe!

  18. Oh, this is pretty and looks extra refreshing for a hot day!!

  19. Mojitos are my favorite summer drink. This version sounds like it is super tasty and perfect for hot weather.

  20. What a lovely color that is! I bet that drink would be perfect on a warm spring evening.

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