Wine Review: Red Bandana Anytime Red Wine

Red Bandana Anytime Red Wine

Red Bandana Anytime Red Wine is a wine I have purchased recently from Whole Foods.  It is very inexpensive at only $8.99 per bottle, but is quite good.  Just as the name states it is a good anytime wine.  It is a perfect grilling out, back porch, casual kind of wine.  It is very fruit forward without being sweet or over ripe.  It could possibly be considered off-dry.

At first sip, the main flavor you taste is strawberry, but after a few sips, you notice there is some cranberry and blackberry in there too.  We had it with grilled salmon and the pairing was perfect, but I can also see it being good with grilled chicken or barbecue.  All and all, it is a very drinkable, enjoyable casual wine.

I have tried to hunt Red Bandana Anytime Red Wine down on the internet, but cannot find it.  There is a Red Bandana label, but it is in Pennsylvania, not California and doesn’t list Anytime Red as one of its wines.  I have contacted them to check, but at this writing have not received a response.  If I track it down, I will definitely update this post to let you know.

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  • Hey, I’m also trying to track this wine down. My Virginia Beach Whole Foods stopped carrying it soon after it became my favorite drink at home alone wine. Have you found a vendor for it?


    • That was a 2011 vintage and it looks like that wine company is no longer making wine with that label. If you are looking for a great red to replace it, try 2012 Purple Star Syrah it just won a bunch of awards and is wonderful, or the Purple Star Cab is always amazing too – I am a member of the winery and it’s my go to wine! I love you can buy it from Amazon too which ships from the winery to you so you know the wine has been stored right also!

  • We love your review – thank you so much.
    This wine is available at Whole Foods around the country.

    There is indeed a Red Bandana Winery but this brand is totally different and separate from that.

    If you have any questions – please let me know.