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Wine Review: Found Object Malbec

Found Object Malbec

Found Object Malbec


For some reason, I always have this urge to buy inexpensive wines to see if I can find something that is really good, but inexpensive.  One of my favorite places to look for these inexpensive wines is Trader Joe’s, so one a recent trip, I found this Found Object Malbec for just $6.99 and knew i just had to try it!

Found Object Malbec is a beautiful deep red in color and has a prominent fruit flavor, but is still dry and has is medium bodied.  There are fruit notes are black cherry and blackberry and other notes include vanilla and coffee.  We paired it with grilled chicken not because we thought it would be a great match, but because we were having chicken and had the wine on hand.  I think it would have been better with steak, but it paired fairly well with the chicken too.

Like other malbecs I have tried, Found Object tastes a bit harsh at first, but smooths out nicely after it has been allowed to breathe, so do consider decanting this wine.  Overall, it was a very drinkable wine – especially for the low price, that I would buy again.

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