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Why I Hate Working Out

Okay, I don’t really HATE working out… that’s probably an exaggeration.  But I certainly don’t love it. 

We all know that person.  You know the one I’m talking about…the person who LOVES working out and wakes up at three in the morning just to get to the gym before work and runs 5 miles on the treadmill 6 times a week.  You know that person, or maybe you are that person.  But I am not that person.   

 Why I Hate Working Out

I want to love working out; I really do.  I want to be healthier and stronger, and I want to have more energy from exercise,  and losing a little weight in the process wouldn’t be a bad thing either.  I also want to set a good example for my daughter so she can grow up to be fit and healthy and exercise regularly.  The problem is, I can’t seem to find a way to incorporate exercise in to my daily routine.  I could tell you that I don’t have the time.  Heck, I’ve been telling myself that for years now.  But I’m telling myself I don’t have the time to work out while I’m typing up this article, or working on my blog, or working on photography (or shopping, or going out to dinner…you get the idea).  The truth is that it’s not about having the time, it’s about making the time, and I simply choose not to make the time. 

The question I’ve been asking myself lately is,  why do I make  the time to write my blog, or take photos, or all those other things I love to do, yet I don’t make time for working out, even though I know it will make me fitter, happier, and more productive (that’s from a song from a 90’s alternative band-comment if you can name that band-and no Google cheating!  🙂 )   I’ve thought long and hard about this, because I’ve tried lots of different workouts over the years and have yet to find something that I’ve been able to consistently commit to.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason I can’t fit working out into my daily routine is not because I don’t have the time or the ability, it’s simply that I haven’t been able to find a workout that I truly enjoy doing. 

I’m not a big fan of treadmills or other similar workout machines.   There is nothing fun about running in place on a treadmill for 30 plus minutes, and it doesn’t matter if I have my favorite workout music mix or a TV to stare at.  It sort of feels like a hamster wheel to me… just run in place incessantly with no end destination in sight, and don’t look to the left or right too much or you’ll lose your balance and face plant on to the treadmill.  The same goes for elliptical machines, stair steppers, etc.   I’m sure many people love these contraptions, but they’re just not for me.

I’ve also tried classes and workout videos, but the problem with a class is that the ones  I really enjoy taking are also loved by many, many other people.  This means that I have to fight for three feet of space in a crowded gym class and I don’t end up getting much of a workout because if I take more than five steps I’m running into someone else.  And as for workout videos, most houses don’t have enough space for a workout class,  and my family doesn’t want to watch me flopping around to a workout video in the living room (nor would I want them to).  Yes, I could wake up at four in the morning to work out before everyone wakes up, but quite frankly, if I have a choice between getting out of my warm, comfy bed to work out or getting an extra hour of sleep, sleep is going to win every time. 

Then there’s the more “informal” methods of working out, such as walking or running through the neighborhood or riding a bike.  While this is a great idea, I live in Arizona which means that for a good solid four months of the year, it is literally too hot to be outside at ANY point during the day.  Seriously, it’s over 100 degrees at midnight on most evenings.  Not to mention that after a long, hard day at work the idea of running around my neighborhood just isn’t appealing to me. 

Now that I have figured out why I hate working out, how do I go about finding a workout I don’t hate?   I make time for the hobbies I have because I enjoy doing them , so what type of  workout will be as enjoyable to me as my other hobbies?  I’m not sure I know the answer to that, but I owe it to myself to try to find out,  because I think that once I find a workout I love, I will love working out.  

 I am making a pledge to try some new form of exercise every month and share my experiences and reviews with our readers at The Daily Dish, and I would love for you to share your experiences with me. What types of workouts do you love?  Do you have a workout routine?  What works and doesn’t work for you?  I’d love to hear your feedback! 

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Ericka @Chef PickyKid and Me

I love to cook and entertain for family and friends, and I especially love being in the kitchen with my daughter who loves to cook as well. I enjoy making recipes that are easy to prepare and use ingredients most people have in their kitchen. Visit me at www.chefpickykid.com!

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  1. I am like you… I hate exercise… I hate sweating and ok.. I just HATE exercise and haven’t found anything that I enjoy. I always say that I am allergic, ~ I get short of, breath, I turn all red and I get diaphoretic.. all signs of an allergic reaction and when you have an allergy, you shouldn’t do anything that would bring on a reaction… You don’t want to go into anaphylaxis. :)… But I do know that I should do it. I usually do better in the winter when it is cold.. I can go for walking with 5 feet of snow on the ground and I am the one that usually looses weight during the winter months.. not this year. I need to get started again.

    1. Busy Vegetarian Mom says:

      LOL! You are funny Marlys! I was never a runner but have trained myself to be able to run 3 miles without dying. I get very lax in winter but now that we have had a few nice days, I might be getting inspired to start up again 🙂

    2. Ericka @Chef PickyKid and Me says:

      I like the allergy theory Marlys! We don’t really have much of a winter here in Arizona, so I can’t say that the weather causes me to not work out (although I guess I could say that in the summer here!) I don’t mind working out once I get started, but it’s the motivation to start that’s the problem for me!

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