frozen whipped cream flowers in a freezer bag

Have you ever made extra whipped cream and not known what to do with it?  All to common in the kitchen right.  It leaves us with a dilemma. 

You don’t want to throw it out….  

And there is too much to put on your dessert…

Well, now you can freeze it.

Or even make it ahead of time for the those wonderful desserts

Or specialty coffees!

I saw this on pintrest and wondered why I didn’t  think of it.

Frozen Whipped Cream

All you have to do is make your whipped cream,

Using your cake decorating kit and a large flower design ~ make into flower shapes.

You can also use a plastic bag and snip off the corner,

or just drop a tablespoon of whipped cream.

Place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Put in freezer, once frozen throw or place them into a freezer bag.

Put them back into the freezer.

Easy… and now you have them ready for your next dessert or coffee


So easy and so delicious.  I bet you can come up with a million different ways to use this little tip.


Here is the link for the coffee if you would like to try it out.  You will just have to wait for the cheesecake recipe  :).

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