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What’s the Deal with Essential Oils?

Have you noticed an increase in recent years for people using Essential Oils. What’s all this oily business about?   

While essential oils have not been approved by the FDA, there has been research on the use and benefits of them, and research findings have shown that oils can have an anti-viral effect, and have been shown to help relieve anxiety.  There have also been studies that show that essential oils can help with the relief from side effects associated with cancer treatment. Research also shows that side effects of using essential oils are minimal (Sources: Cancer.gov, PubMedHealth).

I was initially skeptical about the benefits of using essential oils, but I recently had a change of opinion. I had been having physical symptoms of anxiety for several days, and a friend encouraged me to talk to someone who represents Young Living Essential Oils to get some suggestions for oils that might reduce anxiety and stress. Reluctantly I obliged, not believing that an oil would really be able to help me feel better.  I talked to Alyssa Allen (read Alyssa’s story below).  Alyssa recommended that I try an essential oil called ‘Stress Away’.

I used some of the stress away (inhaled and topically), and within a few minutes my physical symptoms were gone and I felt less stress and anxiety.  I had no idea how it worked, but it did.  At that point I decided to purchase additional oils and try them out for other things, like help with sleeping, pain relief and skincare.  

This is not a paid endorsement or review; I’m simply sharing my experiences with using essential oils  with others who may be considering these alternatives.  And I am definitely no expert on the subject of essential oils, but I do know an expert who introduced me to using oils and helps me with all of my questions.  

Alyssa Allen with Lemon Dropper shared these great resources with me and I’d like to pass them along to you in case you’d like to learn more about essential oils

What are Essential Oils and How Do They Work?

About Young Living Essential Oils

 Young Living YouTube Channel 

Seed to Seal

Here is Alyssa’s contact information if you have questions about essential oils or would like to connect with others interested in essential oils:

E-mail:  Alyssa.Allen.Lemon.Dropper@gmail.com

Facebook: Alyssa Allen Lemon Dropper

Alyssa has a  cooking group on Facebook

Instagram: Alyssa.Allen.Lemon.Dropper

 Interested in ordering essential oils? Here’s  a link to order!


 Here’s Alyssa’s Story: 

“Six months ago, I signed up for my Premium Starter Kit with Young Living, and I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into! I had watched the past year and a half… friends using and talking about oils on Facebook. I said nope it’s not for me, I don’t need oils, I’m not married, I don’t have any kids, I feel fine, my dogs not sick. AND I definitely don’t have time for them.

 After months of stomach problems, lots of testing, and doctoring, even up to a colonoscopy, I decided to give in and see if oils could help me. I bought my Premium Starter Kit as what was recommended to me to start out before venturing on from the Kit.

 Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my oils, it felt like Christmas once I got them! I was still in school for my masters program, and I had just received a promotion at my job. I didn’t start out going to an oil party  and no one reached out to me. I reached out to one of my long-time friends, Lindsay Moreno (who is a distributer for Young Living Essential Oils and started a company called Lemon Droppers) and told her to sign me up for the kit, and she did just that.

I started using peppermint for weight loss in a capsule with lemon… What did you know, my stomach problems started to get better!?!  I added lavender and stress away to my diffuser before bed—awesome sleep. I made an allergy trio with lavender, lemon, and peppermint in a roller ball and then added grape seed oil to the top—relief with in a minute! I added frankincense to my moisturizer for removing fine lines and reversing the signs of aging – facial lady was impressed with the change in my skin. I made a pain cream to keep in my purse and to help others in pain! I added lavender to my mascara for hair growth—Who doesn’t want longer lashes! I added lemon to my water for detox. I added lemon to my chicken and grilled veggies—flavor is awesome!! SO, many things just with my Kit & I could go on and on.  

By now I was regularly using essential oils and started to see success with weight loss and better skin and better sleep. So I shared with my friend Michele. The week after I got my kit, I realized that the family financial situation would be changing and I would need to step up more financially for my family.  Michele was the first person that purchased the Premium Starter Kit from me. She fell in love with her oils just like I did and started sharing them, and before we realized it, we were in business!

October came around and I was ready to host my first party and to share with a group. I think  only three people showed up at the first one! I have learned a lot since then and now at the six-month mark I probably have close to 20 or 25 parties under my belt to educate friends and family about the awesome benefits of oils! I am absolutely in my groove. I have educated so many people about how to use the oils and why oils are important for you and your family and to get away from eating with preservatives!

As of today, I have over 90 people that have purchased a Premium Starter Kit from me or one of my business partners, and that doesn’t include spouses or children or other family members.  Starting down this oil journey, I had no idea the tremendous outpouring of people wanting these amazing products. I had no idea how my life could be changed positively for my own well-being, the well-being of my friends and family, as well as completely changing my financial situation!

 My life is forever changed! I am so grateful to Lindsay for sharing about oils! In the past two years Lindsay has shared oils with more than a few hundred thousand people! She is an amazing leader and I absolutely admire her tenacity! Being a Lemon Dropper is amazing and I will be camping out in the Young Living lavender fields in Utah in May! We support each other and encourage each other so much. We learn from each other. We have organized meetings together and—we even read together! (Yes, we have a book club!)

Oils have changed the game for me. I can manage 12 employees, run a side business, get A’s in my masters courses (only one left—so close to the end), and of course—manage myself!”


If you’re wondering “what’s the deal with essential oils?” I hope you found this article helpful and informative and you enjoyed reading about others’ experiences with using them.  And, stay tuned tomorrow for more about Alyssa’s success story with using essential oils to manage her life.  







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