Zinfandel.  What comes to my mind is a light pink fruity drink.  Something I might pour chilled on a hot summer night.  

When I received the 2011 Old Vine Vintage of  XYZin my expectations were of what I imagined of Zinfandel.  I quickly realized that THIS Zin was actually a RED! 




I was so excited as I’d never tried a red Zin before, just the typical whites.

I was blown away! The bold flavors were a big surprise.  The fruitiness I was looking for was there: Raspberry, Cherry and a bit of a peppery spice.  Yet it was still an easy drinking wine.  You could easily pair this wine with so many dishes.  

The source of this great wine is from the Sonoma County Vineyards of California.  A blend of 91% Zinfandel, Petit Sirah, Tannat and Syrah.

Ahhh…. there it is… Syrah.  That seems to be the common thread in all the reds I enjoy! 

At a price of $16, it is an excellent choice for any dinner party. Find out more about XYZin and the where to find it at the official XYZin Wines Website

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