Weekly Wine ~ Banrock Moscato

Australian wines.  I don’t really kjnow much about them.  My first impression of the Australian Banrock Moscato and Pink Moscato however was that they look delicious in the very attractive bottles! 





In reading the description that both of these wines have a “gentle spritz”, I was certainly intrigued. 

The White Moscato is indeed light and sweet with a hint of bubbly.  It carries a bit of tart of grapefruit and lemon paired with the tropical fruits.  It is a low 5.5% alcohol which makes it a perfect refresher.


The Pink Moscato has a bit more of a floral note, with flavors of sherbert and a hint of musk.  It is but full at the same time.  I preferred the pink myself for that reason alone, just slightly bolder with an acid finish.  The alcohol level is still moderately low at 6% in the pink and still has the bubbly which makes it a wonderful Summer treat.

The coolest thing about drinking THIS wine is that in doing so, you are giving back to the environment.  Banrock Station was established in 1995 and funds from the sales of the wine support environmental projects in 13 countries.  Examples of the charity in work range from restoring natural resources in Europe, saving Salmon in Canada and preserving waterways and wetlands throughout Australia.  

So if you love the environment (and who would say no?), it’s almost like it’s your duty to drink Banrock to support their efforts! Well, at least that’s how I like to look at things.  It’s a sacrifice I am willing to make for the good of the Earth!! 

The suggested retail price is only $7-9 so it makes it a very reasonable choice as well.  For more information, visit the official site: Banrock Station

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