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Warming Up with Winter Celebrations

Warming up with Winter Celebrations

By: Cassie Corbett


Just because the holidays are over, you don’t have to stop celebrating. Winter can be cold and dreary, but it is also a beautiful time of year! If you didn’t get to throw a holiday party because you just didn’t have the time, now’s your chance, and you won’t have as much competition from everyone else throwing their own celebrations.


The great thing about throwing a winter party in January or February is that you no longer have the holidays lingering over everyone’s heads, trying to steal all the glory. You can go for whatever type of theme you want. Your two main choices if you’re going to focus on the season are to

  • Embrace the cold and go with snow, winter activities, and seasonal foods
  • Be ironic and throw a “Summer, we miss you!” party to remind you that the weather will be bearable again one day.

Of course, even with these two general themes, you have a ton of options. Here are some recommendations for really embracing the season.


If you want to create a winter wonderland, whites and silvers and blues are obvious choices, and for good reason. These colors just bring out the heart of the season. But don’t be afraid to through a splash of warm reds or deep greens around the room, like in this beautiful table setting.

Winter Celebrations ~ Table Settings


In most places, winter is the time of short days. It stays dark late in the morning and gets dark early at night. Brighten up everyone’s days with plenty of string lights, lamps, and decorative features. Last time I threw a party, I challenged myself by turning off all the “normal” lights in the room and seeing how bright I could make the space with accent lighting. It had a great effect.


Maybe you don’t go to parties just for the food, but that’s definitely my favorite part. Winter is all about comfort food, so if you’re trying to make a filling meal for a crowd but want to stick to a budget, a winter stew or soup is a great way to go. Roasted nuts make a great easy appetizer, and you can set up a hot chocolate bar for everyone to stay warm throughout the night. I love marshmallows in my cocoa, but others prefer whipped cream and/or candy canes, and you can never go wrong with a choice or two of liquor. For dessert, try a new spiced cookie recipe that everyone will love.

Of course, presentation is as important as taste when it comes to food. I definitely think it’s worth it to have a fancy dinnerware set for entertaining. If you’re going for bundling up from the cold, set up the table or seating near the fireplace.


If you have a deck, balcony, or patio, another option is to fully embrace the cold and eat outside. Have guests bundle up, and winterize your outdoor area. Use a  patio heater outside, light the area with lanterns, and make sure the food is piping hot. Make sure seat have cushions. You can even use a quilt as a table cloth to further emulate the appearance of warmth.

If you’re anything like me, you probably try to leave the house less during winter. This makes it a great time to focus on family and friends. Throw a get-together, embrace the season, and make lots of plans for when the weather warms up!

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