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Warm up with a Spicy Mary Cocktail!

Spicy Mary Cocktail Recipe

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There are dozens of variations of the famous Bloody Mary cocktail, but none that I’ve found is quite like my “Spicy Mary”.  If you love a bit of spice, then this is the drink for you! Some friends and I came up with this drink after a night of mixing and matching as we typically do when we are catching up over the weekend.  We had on hand a variety of alcohol and mixers, including Clamato for mixing up Bloody Marys, and some cinnamon whiskey that we were trying in some different ales and sodas.


Spicy Mary Cocktail Recipe


Well, at the end of the night we discovered that a combination of the two was a winner.  We called it the Spicy Mary.  A mix of hot, sweet and spice that excites all your senses! It is perfect to pair with our traditional Sunday brunches over the holiday season.  It’s a great complement to sausage biscuits and gravy, and Mexican egg casserole!


Clamato® Juice | Perfect for Bloody Mary Making!

Clamato® Juice | Perfect for Bloody Mary Making!


We made our cocktail using Clamato Original, but we found that all of the varieties are fantastic for Bloody Mary making! Try the Clamato Preparado or Clamato Limon to twist things up a bit! I always have at least one of the varieties on hand for quick and easy recipe prep.  It’s not only fantastic for Bloody Marys, it’s great for Micheladas and even when cooking in the kitchen.  Try it in your tomato soup for some zest or add it to a seafood dish.  The possibilities are endless!


Making a Spicy Mary with Clamato


The ingredients in this Spicy Mary Cocktail are a bit surprising and so simple.  In fact, there are just 3! Clamato Original, cinnamon whiskey (any brand will do) and hard apple ale that adds just a bit of sweet bubbles into the mix! Garnish with jalapenos, olives or even apple slices and serve. It’s a surprisingly smooth easy to drink cocktail that even non-Bloody Mary drinkers will love (we converted a few)!


Spicy Mary Cocktail Recipe

Spicy Mary Cccktail

Yield: 7

A bit of fire and spice for a traditional Bloody Mary


  • 2 oz Original Clamato Juice
  • 4 oz hard apple ale
  • 1.5 oz cinnamon whiskey
  • Ice
  • Jalapeno for Garnish


  1. Add first 3 ingredients in glass over ice
  2. Stir
  3. Garnish with Jalapeno


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Spicy Mary Cocktail Recipe


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