Napa. The name signifies wine country but there is so much more to offer. Let’s explore visiting Napa Valley Wineries & Beyond! 

Napa Valley: Wineries and Beyond | Daily Dish Magazine


Located in Northern California, Napa Valley is most well-known for its wineries but there’s so much else to enjoy: biking and hiking trails, parks, sightseeing, restaurants, and more. Before you head out, download the Visit Napa Valley Guide for free, to help plan your trip.


Napa Valley: Wineries and Beyond


Napa Valley Wineries

I couldn’t write an article about Napa Valley without talking about the wineries! There’s nothing better than a wine tour in Napa Valley. It’s a combination of breathtaking scenery, a paradise-like climate, and magnificent wine tastings. Napa Valley really is the perfect vacation destination.

Each year, millions of tourists flock to Napa Valley to enjoy the hundreds of wineries and second-to-none scenic views. If you like to veer off the beaten path a bit and experience Napa Valley in a more unique way than most, don’t miss the wineries that take you through the winemaking process. I suggest Round Pond, a family owned and operated winery that also produces olive oils and vinegars (which they let you taste!). Stick around for lunch and enjoy the view.

Sterling Vineyards is at the top of the list for unique wineries. Not only do you have to take a tram to get to the winery, you can stomp grapes, too!

Another unique stop to add to your list is Palmaz Vineyards. Their motto is “Love the land, know the grape, and make a wine that honors both”. You’ll taste the difference at Palmaz Vineyards. The tour consists of a walk through of several levels of the cave where they show you how they make their wines using gravity-flow winemaking methods. Find out more on their website before you visit.


Napa Valley: Wineries and Beyond | Daily Dish Magazine



Castello di Amorosa

Technically another winery, but you don’t have to visit Castello di Amorosa just for the wine. It totally lives up to its cool-sounding name, by the way. Featuring a moat and drawbridge, courtyards, horse stables, and even a prison, take a tour of this authentic replica of a medieval castle with the whole family.

Napa Valley Spas

Golden Haven is a natural hot spring spa and resort you won’t ever want to leave! Opt in for the couples mud bath, or a full spa treatment. Either way, you’ll leave feeling refreshed.

Other spas and resorts that offer mud baths include Mount View Hotel, Solage, and Indian Springs.


Napa Valley: Wineries and Beyond | Daily Dish Magazine


Napa Valley Bakeries

I might be alone in this, but I always think it’s fun to try new bakeries when we travel. Many times, you can visit a bakery on the West Coast and it will be completely different than anything you’ve seen on the East Coast. The same goes for the Midwest. Visiting bakeries is a nice – and cheaper – way to experience local flavor without the cost of a full meal at a sit-down restaurant.

Some top-rated bakeries in Napa Valley include:

Cate & Co: a gluten-free bake shop featuring rolls, crackers, cookies, breakfast items, and tea breads.

Alexic Baking Company & Cafe: a cafe most well-known for its delicious brunches and baked goods including tea cakes, scones, muffins, and cookies.

Buttercream Bakery: a bakery that bakes donuts from scratch, daily.

San Francisco

Napa Valley is only an hour or so north of San Francisco, so if you have time, be sure to schedule in a stop to see the Golden Gate Bridge while you’re there!

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