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A picture perfect garden is a few steps away. Here you will find a Wisteria draped fence greeting you at the entry. Ivy winds around the posts and a gentle breeze sends a faint hint of lilac into the air. From the sidewalk you can see bits of color between the slats. What kind of flowers are those climbing that trellis? The curiosity is killing the gardener in you.
Did you ever want to peek over that neighbor’s fence?
Wait! Don’t climb that fence! I may have a personal invitation for you.
The Garden Conservancy hosts a National Open Gates Garden Tour through their website .
It is the largest private open gate garden association in the country. The Garden Conservancy partners with private and public garden owners to offer horticultural and financial help to preserve these gardens for future generations. We get to enjoy beautiful, functional gardens.
I need to mention that these open gate tours do charge a nominal admission.
This money is used to help fund their mission:

  • To preserve gardens by harnessing the power of communities and the expertise of horticulturists, landscape designers, historians, and preservationists
  • To share magnificent spaces and gardening ideas with the public through educational programs and the Open Days garden visiting program
  • To raise public awareness of the important role gardens play in America’s cultural and natural heritage
  • So when spring and summer get here and gardens are in bloom, take a tour nearby of across the country and enjoy a piece of the outdoors! Don’t forget your camera!

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