Vegetarian Bubble Pizza

Vegetarian Bubble Pizza


This is one of those meals that is great when you need something quick.  You don’t have to make pizza crust, and it is quicker and less expensive than ordering a pizza.  And, best of all it is delicious!  My son ate about half of it all by himself.  I know these bubble pizza recipes have been going around for a while, but I never see them that have lots of vegetables in them, so I made this one using my son’s favorite vegetarian pizza ingredients.  And, if you use an oven proof skillet, like the iron skillet I used here, you can make it all in that one skillet.

Vegetarian Bubble Pizza

1 16.3 oz. can large flaky biscuits (I used Pillsbury’s Grands.)

1 large green bell pepper, diced

1 8 oz. pkg. button mushrooms, sliced

2 Tbsps. olive oil

1 24 oz. jar pasta sauce (I used Barilla’s Spicy Marinara.)

1 4.25 oz. can sliced black olives

2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Cut biscuits into 8 pieces each and set aside.  In a large oven proof skillet, saute green pepper and mushrooms in olive oil until tender.  Stir in pasta sauce and black olives.  Stir in biscuit pieces, making sure all pieces are covered well with sauce.  Bake for approximately 20 minutes or until biscuits are done.  Top with cheese and put back into the oven until cheese is melted.

Source:  Adapted from Pillsbury.


Vegetarian Bubble Pizza

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