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Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts

Valentine Candy Hearts

I first made these candy hearts for my daughter last year for Valentine’s Day.  It is the perfect way to use leftover candy canes from Christmas.  And, my daughter loves the white chocolate peppermint combination, so they were perfect for her.  I found the idea for these at Pleasant Home via Pinterest.

I made both small and large.  I used the small individually wrapped candy canes for the small hearts and they were  MUCH easier.  The large (using regular sized candy canes) end up oddly elongated unless you break a bit of the end off.  Sounds easy enough, I know.  Trust me, getting candy canes to break or cut where you want them to is not an easy task.  I used pink candy melts in the center and decorated them with heart shaped sprinkles.  I made six small and four large and used a little less than a pound of melts.

 First, lay out the sticks and canes on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.

 Then, spoon the melted candy into a zip lock bag, snip a corner, and pipe the candy into the center of the canes.  You will need to smooth it a bit with a knife.  Then sprinkle on the hearts.  Be careful not to overfill as overfilling will result in the mess pictured above.


 Let them set at room temperature until the candy is completely cool and hard.


These are the large ones.

Valentines Candy Hearts

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