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Valentine Candles to make

Valentine Candles ~ Daily Dish Magazine

Valentine Candles to make

When I think of Valentines, I think of candles and chocolates.  Don’t you?  Nothing makes a Valentine’s more special then candles.  And what could make it even more special is to make the Valentine candles yourself.  I had been cruising through pinterest, like I do a lot and get many of my ideas from there.  I love pinterest.    I had seen this design for candles that would be perfect for Valentines Day… Simple, inexpensive and easy to make.   All you need was some jars, doilies, hearts and ribbon.  That is it.. Not much and if you are anything like me you would have most of the materials tucked away somewhere in your craft room, just ready to make these Candles.

I went from this 

Valentine Candles ~ Daily Dish Magazine

To This:

Valentine Candles ~ Daily Dish Magazine


Jars ~ any size or shape – Mason Jars, Food Jars, Baby Food Jars (they all work)

Doilies ~ I use 8 ” lace doilies, paper doilies will work also

Tealight candle


Scrapbook paper ~ I had some paper with sayings and hearts, but you could even cut out heart from prints like the one on pinterest

Embellishments ~ I had some gems to glue on

Glue or double sided tape


Wash and clean jars.

Depending on the size of the jar and doily, you may need to fold the doily to fit the jar. ,  Mine didn’t quite go around the whole jar, especially the larger jars.  For the smaller jar (the one in the middle), I folded the doily in half.

Using either double side tape or glue, attach doily to jar.

Add ribbon, hearts and embellishments to suit you.

Add candles.


These candles holders would make wonderful gifts.  I know I would love to get one.  If you don’t want to use them for candles.  Fill them with candies or cookies that you made or even bought. To see another way I made candles using jars, head over to This and That.  A perfect handmade gift that is easy and inexpensive.


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