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Underground Markets

Underground Market
Underground Market
Shrimp Empanadas

In recent years, food has become  more than nourishment . It has become an art, a hobby, or even a career for many and, as a result, many unique ways to enjoy food have also emerged.  Among these are the new underground markets.  These markets exist to help those beginning a food business make a little money to help them get started as well as get their names and reputations out into the community.  The markets also provide a wonderful time for foodies to get together and try new foods.  It gives them the opportunity to know about the latest foodie products in the area.

I am a member of an underground market, not as a vendor, but as a participant.  It is quite a lot of fun to go to a secret location and try new foods that might just make it into local restaurants and stores.  The market I attend costs just a few dollars to get into and each food or beverage item costs between $1 and $5.  Most menu items are full sized, so you can get too full really fast.  The upside of that is that you are getting a gourmet meal rather inexpensively – though your appetizer may be of a different cuisine than your entree, etc.

To check your area for underground markets, do an online search, and you will probably find one if it exists.  You will probably have to become a member in order to attend events because the only way that most of these markets can legally operate is by making them private events.

Here are some of the tasty treats we had at our last visit:

Underground Market
Pulled Pork Sliders with Mango Jalapeno Relish
Underground Market
Pina Colada Smoothie
Underground Market
Jamaican Curry Chicken
Underground Market
Jamaican Vegetarian Pattie
Underground Market
Key Lime Tart


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