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Travel Tip of the Day ~ How to Pick a Suitcase

As I do more and more travel and I stand at baggage claim watching little black suitcase after little black suitcase glide by and people frantically checking name tags trying to claim the correct one, I thought I’d share one of my best tips for travel.  How to pick a suitcase.  You see, I never have a problem spotting mine on the carousel simply because I chose to be different. 


How to Pick a Suitcase


Choose a suitcase that is BOLD!

Don’t be afraid of color and a unique style.  My bag is a large purple duffle bag with a blue heart luggage tag.  Try something like this set pictured below with a fun tag and you will always know which luggage is yours! 


Now tag it too!



I promise you when you see it coming, you will know it’s yours! 

Not sold yet? Well let me tell you the other reason I love a bag like this: 

The rollers let you push it while standing upright OR while walking. I didn’t think that was a big deal but it’s much easier to push a bag in line when it can stand upright and be pushed along (especially when you pack heavy like I do).

Picking a hard shell protects your valuables much more than a soft sided bag. 



Happy Travels! 

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