scarecrow and birds

scarecrow and birds
Digging, weeding, raking, pruning all in one garden season. Face it, gardening is hard work.
This doesn’t mean gardening needs to be a chore. Gardening should be therapeutic and relaxing. In a word, “Fun.”
Here are some things to keep in mind while you tend your gardens.
Pace Yourself. How many times have you pushed yourself to get “one more row done” or “I’ll quit in an hour”? You probably found yourself “sore and sorry” the next day.
Remember to take it easy when working in summer’s heat and humidity. Follow these tips when working outside.
* Drink plenty of water
* Organize and collect what you want to take out to save time and trips. * Take “shade breaks” from the sun.
* Try to work early in the day.
* Stand up and stretch often.
* Keep the back of your neck protected from sunburn.
* Decide on how long you want to spend in the garden BEFORE you go out. Wear a watch and stick to it. This will help keep gardening fun and not a chore.

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