Thyme is one of those herbs that goes well with everything. You can find it in so many dishes. Use this herb as a natural choice for tomato based sauces, vegetables, herb dressings, rubs and butters. Thyme enhances vegetables, pork, fish, meat and poultry. It is one of the main ingredients in several blends including Italian seasoning and Herbes de Provence. 

As a perennial, this herb performs well for several years before becoming woody. Keep the plant trimmed back to encourage new tender growth.

There are several varieties, each with its own unique flavor. Common thyme also often called English thyme grows as a trailing shrub. This variety is what most people think of when they envision thyme. French thyme is a bit more vine-like and more delicate. Both work well in soups, sauces and stews.

Lemon thyme add another dimension to the pot.  Slightly citrus and very fragrant. This lemon version is also used in desserts such as cakes and ice cream.

This herb grows best in full sun to light shade and well drained soil. It also thrives in containers and as a companion plant.  

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