The Perfect Shower Gift…A Personalized Cookbook

It took me quite awhile to come up with the perfect gift for my daughter’s bridal shower.  
I wanted to give Olivia something other than the typical “mother” gift.  
My daughter and her fiance did not pick out a china pattern…they both just wanted simple every day dishes
and decided to wait a few years for when they were more settled to decide on a china pattern.
 As the date for the bridal shower was drawing near,
I finally decided on the perfect gift for her…a cookbook filled with all her favorite recipes!  
I used Shutterfly to put the cookbook together.  
It was easy for me to put the cookbook together because I have so many of Olivia’s favorite recipes already
posted on my blog, Walking on Sunshine Recipes, but I wanted to add personal photos and a few stories about Olivia to the cookbook as well.  
I was very pleased when the cookbook arrived and I knew Olivia would love it as well.   
The cover says it all.  
A collection of recipes shared from Mother to Daughter…
The first page included a note to Olivia and a few photos of the two of us together. 
 I love the first photo of us together…this was from her third birthday party.  
One of her favorite soups…
Our whole family loves Chicken Cutlet Italian Style and Chicken Cutlet Parmesan…
This recipe is for the fruit tart that I have been making for her birthday 
for years now.  Also included is a photo of her Olivia taken on her 5th birthday
and on her 20th birthday…
Her favorite cookie recipe…
And finally here’s a photo of Olivia and I together at the shower…
Of all the gifts Olivia received, this is the one that went back with her to college
after her bridal shower.  The rest were stacked in a corner of our basement waiting
for after the wedding.  


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Originally from Queens, NY, Lois now calls northeastern PA home. You can find her blogging over at Walking on Sunshine where she shares a little of her life, but more importantly what’s for dinner at her house tonight. www.walkingonsunshinerecipes.com

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