That fat about Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon…..

What is Canadian Bacon?

Did you know that Canadian Bacon is only called Canadian Bacon in the States?

So, I ask again… What is Canadian Bacon?

 I did some research to find out why Canadian Bacon is called Canadian Bacon…

I didn’t really come up with any true and hard reason…

But I did find some interesting fact….

Canadian Bacon may have got its name because United Kingdom had a pork shortage and imported the meat in the 1800’s,

the Americans like this and brought it back with them.

In Canada it is called Back bacon or Peameal bacon.

This bacon is taken from the loin of the pig instead of the belly.

Canadian Back Bacon or Peameal Bacon is cured and rolled in a fine cornmeal…

whereas American ‘Canadian Bacon’ is smoked.

That is probably why to me ‘Canadian Bacon’ tastes like ham…

But whatever it is, it tastes mighty fine when you make Eggs Benedict or on pizza

and I will still buy it even thought I smile knowing that it isn’t  from Canada like many people think…

Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon

We may not have come any closer in finding out why Canadian Bacon got it’s name, but I did want to leave you with this

I found it on a blog  post called I am Canadian, Bacon isn’t  that may explain how it got it’s name…

between two American pig farmers…

“Pig Farmer #1: “What do we call that other bacon?”

Pig Farmer #2: “Which bacon?”

Pig Farmer #1: “The bacon that’s not from down here.” (points at pig’s stomach)

Pig Farmer #2: “Where’s it from then?” (not looking at Pig Farmer #1)

Pig Farmer #1: “From up there.” (points at pig’s back)

Pig Farmer #2: “From up there?” (not seeing where Pig Farmer #1 is pointing) “Canadian bacon?”

Pig Farmer #1: “Yeah, that must be it.”

sources: Blue Jean Chef ~ I am Canadian, bacon isn’t 

                   The history of Canadian Bacon

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