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Today we have an article from one of our favorite foodie friends, Alyssa from Cooking from a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom).
Thank you so much for coming by and sharing with us Alyssa.  Hope you all enjoy this great article!


Teaching Kids Wisdom in the



“Kids are our future, and if we

don’t take care of them and teach them about food and how to feed themselves,

then we are shortening their lives. Get your kids to help you in the kitchen::

Food skills are life skills, just as important as reading or math. Cooking Also

builds confidence and a sense of responsibility. There is nothing more

responsible then doing the washing up.


– Jaimie Oliver

Everyday Food Magazine September 2012



When I saw this quote from Jaimie I

loved it. It has now become my favorite quote.. A lot of wisdom if found in the

kitchen. As a child my mom always included my siblings and I in the kitchen. We

raised a huge garden, and I remember planting, picking and help canning the

vegetables. Everyone was involved in doing this.



My mom’s kitchen was always open to

everyone. My siblings and I knew we could always cook in there. I firmly believe

that it is an important part of childhood. I think that it’s also has helped my

love of cooking. I think every child needs a chance to experiment in the



I really believe that its important

to involve your kids in the kitchen. You would be amazed at what they can do,

and what they can help you with. I involve my four year old and two year old in

the kitchen. My four year old Meghan LOVES cooking. I have let her help make

cake, rice, grilled cheese etc. Of course I do help her but I let her do most of

it. When my mom comes to our house her and Meghan make cupcakes. It is their

special thing together. It’s something they both treasure. My oldest is so proud

when she makes something.



I think having them help in the

kitchen, to make dinner, help with vegetables will help them want to eat what

they made. Try it it works 🙂 You can make it fun. If they have helped make a

special dish, then they will be more willing to eat it. You can set out spices

that would go well with the dish and let them choose which one they want to put

in. It will make them feel like they made something. I also let my kids taste

the spices if they want. I think it helps them to develop tastes for different




Teach Your children where food comes

from. Growing up we had we had a pig named Skittles.. He got that name because

we fed him skittles and other things. LOL When he got to a good weight we then

butchered him and had him for meat in our freezer. My parents taught my

siblings and I that the pig was raised for meat to feed us over the months to

come. I don’t ever remember being upset about it. We just knew that’s whats

happening. We raised chickens not just for eggs but for meat as well. I have

memories of butchering chickens with my parents and siblings. It was our job to

take the feathers off the chicken. You might think how horrible it is but it

really is not. It taught us in the end where our meat comes from. We also

butchered deer for meat as well. We had goats for milk as well. I look upon

those memories with fondness..and for that I am thankful for what my parents

taught us.


I took those memories and used them to

raise our kids. Last summer my kids and Johnny raised a tote garden. We live in

an apartment so we really could not use the ground. We taught the girls how to

plant the vegetables, what each plant was, how to water it, and how to pick it.

They were so excited when our plants decided to produce fruit. The kids also

learned how to make pickles. I look at it with so much memories because that is

what my mom did for me. They learned that you don’t have to just go buy pickles

from the store.



Another important aspect is family

dinners. Growing up my mom always made sure there was dinner at the table. We as

a family set down to eat dinner….No distractions. We were able to laugh, joke

and talk about things. It was an awesome thing. We had many fond memories

gathered around the table. It instilled in us a sense of family and a pride in

our family.. Now that I have my own family I do the same thing. My four year old

and two year old know how to set the table. I allow them to set the table in

their own way. If it is wacky I leave it. You know why? Because they did it and

they are proud of what they have done.. They get so excited to tell their Papa

when he gets home that they set the table. We sit down at the table and enjoy

family time. My kids beg for sitting at the table together. So, please make

time to sit around the table as a family.


If you have gained anything from this

post I hope that you learned these things:



– Involve your kids

in the kitchen and in making food.


– Teach your kids

where food comes from.


– Spend time around

the table.


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  1. Great article. Although I don’t have any children, I love cooking with my nieces and nephews.. I just did an article on my blog about making fudge with my niece. It is a time to bond, and give lessons. Also for me it was a time to pass the lesson that my mother gave me to her grandchildren as I know that she would have loved to cook and bake with them if she was still alive… Marlys

  2. Walking on Sunshine says:

    Great article Lysska!

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