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Tea Part 3: Tea Accessories

tea accessories1

tea accessories1

Tea is something that requires a minimum of accessories unless you are using bags.  And, bags or not, there are even more accessories that are fun to have.  I am going to show you some of my tea accessories and explain their use.

tea accessories2

If you are using loose tea and don’t want to have to worry about cleaning our a tea ball or strainer, then these disposable tea bags that you can fill yourself are the way to go.  You can purchase both single serving and pot sized bags.

tea accessories3

This is one of my favorite tea cups.  It has an insert to infuse the tea leaves.  Once they are steeped, just empty and wash.  You can find these and similar cups in a variety of designs.

tea accessories a

This is a classic tea ball strainer.  It is perfect for one cup of tea and is reusable.

tea accessories5

This is a tea strainer that is similar to the ones I actually used when I was in England.  It is used when you brew the tea directly in the pot.  You hold the top portion over your up to strain out the leaves and then replace it on the bottom portion, which will catch any remaining liquid.

tea accessories6

This is a neat little cup for use with tea bags.  It has a hole in the top for the bag sting.  It also came with these little tea bag holders for the used bags.

tea accessories7

Obviously this is a teapot, but what is under it is a tea warmer.  You simply light a tea light inside the warmer, and it really does keep your tea warm.

tea accessories

And, last is my favorite.  This an antique tea box my parents gave me and my husband as a wedding present.  Each side holds a tea and in the middle is a glass dish to combine the teas in, so that you are able to get just the right mixture.

Below are some links to some interesting tea accessories from Amazon.  Disclaimer:  We are compensated when you purchase an item through our Amazon links.

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[amazon_link id=”B000I1UXBW” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]English Tea Strainer, Chrome[/amazon_link]

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