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Super Easy DIY Garden Markers

DIY Garden Markers | Farmhouse Style

These simple DIY garden markers are so easy to make and give your garden a farmhouse touch of style!


DIY Garden Markers | Farmhouse Style


These DIY garden markers are so seriously easy and fun to make. Best of all it’s totally a cheap project too! Whoo hoo! 

For us, we could do this from things laying around the house already. We have tons of scrap wood, paint stir sticks, garden stakes, wooden wedges, etc… from all our other home projects. We also have a ton of paint from crafting. Get creative and you won’t have to spend extra at all!

Here’s what you need or find a good substitute: 

  • Black Chalkboard Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Wooden Stakes
  • Bright Spray Paint
  • Chalk

Find your garden stake for your project. These are really cheap to buy by the bundle in the garden & landscaping section of your local hardware store. Cut down to your desired length.

DIY Garden Markers | Farmhouse Style

Once you’ve got your wooden stakes or sticks to the desired length, use your foam brush to paint the chalkboard paint onto the stick. Cover the entire stick starting at the top, and go down about 4 inches.

DIY Garden Markers | Farmhouse Style

Allow to dry for a couple of minutes and then using your spray paint (normal paint might be easier if you don’t want a sporadic design like we did) spray the tip a bright color.

We held it back about 6 inches from the stick and did a few spurts so that it added a speckle or two for character. Use a brush with normal paint for straighter lines.

DIY Garden Markers | Farmhouse Style

See how you get a nice abstract pattern using the spray paint! 

DIY Garden Markers | Farmhouse Style

Allow to dry for about an hour or two then using your chalk, write whatever plant/vegetable/fruit/whatever you want and stick it in the ground in your garden! The great thing I, you can erase it and remark it without having to make more.

DIY Garden Markers | Farmhouse Style

This is a great project for kids that you can do together as a family. Another fun touch is to add an additional marker with a larger rectangle glued to the top, again covered in chalkboard paint, and let the kids actually draw the veggie that’s in the ground! Remember….  be creative! 


Love this project? Pin it to save it for later! 

DIY Garden Markers | Farmhouse Style!


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  1. Megan Davis says:

    I really love this DIY markings. So very easy and yes! its totally cheap! Loving it. Please make some more helpful DIY projects. Thanks

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