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Sugar Factory Bar and Grill Las Vegas ~ Travel Tuesday

I had the chance this last weekend to visit Las Vegas on a Media Tour with 3 fab new friends and we just had the MOST amazing time.  One of my very favorite experiences was visiting The Sugar Factory Bar & Grill located at the Paris Hotel.  

Why? Well not only do they have a candy shop that every kid (and adult) dreams about, the have a restaurant led by an amazing (and very handsome) chef, and a mixologist that is setting the standard for creativity in mixed drinks very high! 

Upon walking in, the atomosphere is trendy casual and chic.  Black, white and silver with chandeliers abound with music and conversation giving a lively feel to the room.  The bar is open to the restaurant where you can see the assortment of liquors and prime viewing of the drink mixing. 



Yes… the drink mixing.  We had a demonstration of some of the very best drinks that the Sugar Factory has to offer from the mixologist, head of the bar himself, Greg.  They have a portable drink cart they can pull over to your table to demo just how they use the signature ingredient in many of the drinks.  Liquid Nitrogen. 


Liquid Nitrogen is used to both cool the drinks and create an experience in the process.  They also use it to freeze the mixed drinks using a hand blender while pouring in the liquid nitrogen.  It truly is a cool site to see (and feel… Brrr!).  The blended drinks come out so smooth and creamy, similar to an ice cream or gelato texture.  Wonderful! 


We had the pleasure of testing the Pineapple Cosmo, Blow Pop Martini, White Gummy Goblet and the Lollipop Passion all made with the liquid Nitrogen. 


We also had the luxury of tasting the “Best Bloody Mary’s on the Strip” made with house made infused Vodka.  I would have to agree… one heck of a drink!  The infused Vodka has a definite spice from jalapeno and a crisp flavor of cilantro.  


Lastly, we tried the infused pineapple Vodka… dangerous folks… could easy drink it down straight with a straw. SO good!! 

When it came to the food, we did a small sampling of Fried Mac and Cheese, Buffalo Chicken Bites, Spicy Jumbalaya, Chicken and Waffles, Pizza and for for dessert we had an amazing assortment from the pastry chef.  While it was ALL amazing, I loved the Buffalo Chicken Bites and the Jumbalaya.  Just for a little extra fun, we decided to pour a bit of the spicy infused vodka into our Jumbalaya (we are foodies after all and always play with our food) and WOW.. kicked it up a notch! 

F89C0182_chicken and waffles

The perfect ending to a wonderful meal and foodie fun was to grab our pictures with the Men of the Sugar Factory, the current “Sexiest Las Vegas Chef”, Chef Matt, and Cocktail Master, Greg! 


ENMN with Chef Matt of Sugar Factory
ENMN with Chef Matt of Sugar Factory


ENMN with Greg, Drink Mixing Genius!
ENMN with Greg, Drink Mixing Genius!


Learn more about The Sugar Factory Bar & Grill at the Paris Hotel at the official site: Sugar Factory



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Tracy Iseminger

Tracy is a busy mother to 2 girls, 3 dogs, 5 cats, and 17 chickens! Her adventures in cooking led her to create Daily Dish Magazine. She has a passion for pairing food with travel and wine. She is Marketing Director at Crimson Vine Marketing, Social Media Specialist at Cougar Digital Marketing, and a Dental Hygienist in her spare time... but her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family.

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  1. The next time I’m in Vegas the Sugar Factory is on my must stop list =) Gahhh looks so cool!

  2. I’m adding this spot to my itinerary when I go in t-minus 5 days. Thanks for this I appreciate you guys.

  3. If I could I would go back every day! Sugar is a truly amazing experience and trying all their unique signature blends is an experience in itself. But my favorite was Chef Matt who puts out some amazing dishes from the kitchen and he’s pretty easy on the eyes too ;). Let’s go back soon!

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