Have a very Merry and Sophisticated Christmas with this fun package of Sophisticated Christmas Printables.  

This package includes:

  • Photo Card Printable
  • Gift Tags
  • Address Planner (fill in addresses as you receive cards to be sure you send one back!)
  • Baking Timer Planner to help you keep you busy baking schedule on task

All these are in a casually elegant format that look so nice even lying around your counters and for friends to proudly display! 


Sophisticated Christmas Free Printables


Sophisticated Photo Card Printable

Printable Photo Card

Click to Print: sophisticated photo card


Sophisticated Gift Tags

Free Sophisticated Printable Gift Tags

Click to Print: sophisticated gift tags


Sophisticated Address Planner

Free Christmas Card Address Planner Printable

Click to Print: sophisticated address planner


Sophisticated Baking Timer Worksheet

Free Baking Timer Worksheet Printable

Click to Print: sophisticated baking sheet timer


Happy Holidays!! 



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