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So, You’re Not Cooking for Thanksgiving, Now What?


Everywhere you look right now there are Thanksgiving recipes, but what if you are not cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe you are traveling and are going to have to eat on the road, or maybe the kids are going to the in-laws this year, and there will be just two or three of you, or maybe it is just too much for anyone to host this year for whatever reason. There are many reasons that you may just not be up for cooking that big traditional meal. Thanksgiving dinner for a large group can be a huge undertaking, even if you love to cook, and not everyone has the time.  But, that does not mean you shouldn’t get to eat it.  There are several options out there for those that can’t or don’t want to cook this year.

First, you could get take out.  Now, I am not talking about fast food.  Many restaurants and grocery stores have prepared Thanksgiving dinners for you to purchase.  And, many of them are very much like what you would cook at home, some are even quite gourmet.  So, if you are going to be at home or at someone’s house this is a great option.

Then, of course you could go out.  If you are going to be on the road, check out the towns along the way for great restaurants that serve Thanksgiving dinner.  If you are going to be home, look for places that are good but not too far to drive there in back in one day.  Many restaurants require reservations for Thanksgiving dinner, so be sure to call ahead.

And, you could do both.  That is maybe you are just not up to making the whole dinner.  You could order dinner or go out for dinner and come back home for dessert.  Or, you could make dinner and order dessert from a local bakery.

Below, I have listed a few links to places you might want to try.  I live in Georgia, so they are almost all from here, but I would love for this to be a resource for people everywhere … well, in the US, since it is an American holiday.  So, if you know of a great place to get Thanksgiving dinner, please put the link in a comment.

Take out Thanksgiving:

I’ll start out with the one that is not in Georgia:

Many Whole Foods Markets (and, they are not just in Georgia) have heat and serve meals for purchase.  Here is a link to the one closest to me:

This link is to the market at Mercier Orchards in Ellijay, Georgia. It is a great place to go to pick apples! I have only eaten their desserts, but they are heavenly, so I am sure everything else is too!

Restaurants:  The Blue Willow is a wonderful restaurant in a antebellum home in the little town of Social Circle, Georgia. I have not been there for Thanksgiving, but I have been there for dinner, and it is delicious. Their specialty is fried green tomatoes. They have an early American exhibit in addition to the Thanksgiving meal.

The Dillard House is a historic restaurant in Clayton, Georgia. I have not been there for Thanksgiving dinner, but I have never had anything there that wasn’t wonderful.

The Smith House is a historical restaurant in Dahlonega Georgia that serves delicious family style meals.

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