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Snorkeling in Aruba, Adventures with De Palm Tours #TravelTuesday

De Palm Snorkeling Tour in Aruba

On my recent visit to Aruba, One happy island, I finally had my first real experience with snorkeling.  I had tried a few times as a child and constantly was getting water in my mouth so I have always had a hint of hesitation to try as an adult.  However, as stubborn as I am, I was not going to pass up the generosity of De Palm Tours in inviting me along on the beautiful catamaran and the opportunity for some of the best snorkeling in Aruba and the world. 

Thankfully I had a few fantastic travel friends along with me and climbing on board was easy than I had anticipated.  Flashing back into my memory were thoughts of sea sick weekends on our family boat in Puget Sound growing up, but  I was determined to not let that stop me!  

Kelly, Me & Jenny getting ready for De Palm Tours Snorkeling Adventure!
Kelly, Me & Jenny getting ready for De Palm Tours Snorkeling Adventure!

The crew aboard the catamaran actually quickly put me at ease handing me a life jacket along with my snorkeling gear and telling me that they would be there for help if needed and they all had  a casual lighthearted island personality which somehow made them seem like old friends.  This was going to be a good trip. 

We set off to our first snorkeling site right off shore in the beautiful clear blue turquoise waters.  I felt so much better with the life jacket on knowing it would keep me afloat and the water out of my snorkel! 

De Palm Snorkeling Tour in Aruba

In I went.  Honestly still a bit uneasy at first.  Now I keep hearing in my head my daughters voice about River Monsters coming to eat me.  We watch way too much Jeremy Wade on Animal Planet!  My rational “Mommy Voice” had to override my fear and just relax and enjoy the show.  It really was spectacular and I’m so glad I had the chance to be so up close and personal with all the beautiful fish! 

Snorkeling with De Palm Tours

After we were done at the first stop, we all boarded back onto the catamaran and set off toward the second stop, a ship wreck! Lunch was served and time to kick back and enjoy the ride.  There really wasn’t any motion at all and not an ounce of sea sick feelings.  I was able to eat (and drink at the complimentary bar) with no problems at all.  

I decided to pass on a second round of snorkeling since I did decide to eat a bit of lunch, I thought that might be pushing my luck so I instead laid back on the deck and enjoyed the sun, music and friends.  It was all such a fun atmosphere with people dancing and laughing.  What a fantastic time. 

Cheers to a great day snorkeling with De Palm Tours!
Cheers to a fantastic day snorkeling!

It was actually a bit disappointing when it was time to head back into shore.  I definitely want to experience snorkeling again and would highly recommend De Palm Tours to anyone visiting Aruba! 


I received complimentary admission to De Palm Tours as a media representative of Aruba Tourism.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own. 

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  1. I would love to try this!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful experience. I’m a kinda’ adventurous and would love to do this when I get a chance to visit Aruba.

  3. I had a bad snorkeling experience several years ago, but I think I would give it a try again! Looks like you had a great time!

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