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Share Your Thanksgiving Spirit with Outdoor Birds #GardenSense

bird in fog

birds in fog
I know that everyone’s thinking about birds today. That bird would be your Thanksgiving turkey! I’m not talking about eating birds but birds eating!
Now I’m sitting here watching it snow and can’t help but think about those feathered friends outside. Soon it will be harder for them to find food.
You can share your Thanksgiving spirit and dinner with them. Here are some quick ideas!

  • String cranberries and hang them from tree branches.
  • Orange peels and wedges are great bird treats. Hang or place where birds can access them.
  • Peanuts and are also a good idea to put out for birds.
  • Scatter seeds on top of snow for easy access for hungry friends.
  • Remember that bread is never a good idea to feed them. Yes they will eat it but can’t readily digest it. It has no nutritional value for them. Also moldy bread is harmful to birds.

    Garden Gifts for Bird Lovers
    I love watching birds all year. Each season brings different species into my yard. Need ideas for Christmas gifts for bird lovers? We have you covered!
    Bird Lovers Gifts

    Don’t forget to grab a camera and good pair of binoculars for watching all those birds!

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