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Salt-free herb and spice mixes try to mimic the way salt enhances foods. Salt is a mineral and minerals in foods are where flavor originate. Minerals are sort of like the key to flavor. Along with vitamins, if foods are lacking minerals they lack flavor. Have you ever had a tomato that had no flavor? Chances are if you had, you experienced a hot house grown potted tomato. The only nutrients these plants receive are from added fertilizer. Good, but flavor wise in ground, sun-drenched rain fed plants produce better taste.
Okay with that said, how can we get good taste without salt?
Often your best bet is combining herbs that compliment each other. Italian seasoning, pepper blends and your standard garlic, onion and pepper combo will enhance most meals. A dash of hot sauce also adds subtle flavor.
Many recipes that call for salt are fine without it. Sometimes as in baking, salt may be necessary but usually when you see, salt and pepper to taste, you will be fine without it!
Choose full flavor vegetables, fresh grown or frozen. Adding onions and garlic also brings out the flavor of most dishes. Experiment with herb combos as substitutes and let me know how it turns out. I’ll bet you won’t miss the salt at all!

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