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Salads, Salads, Salads! Salad Recipes for Any Occasion

Salad Recipes!

Salads, salads and MORE salads! We LOVE salads around here and so do you so I thought I’d pull together some of the fabulous salads the all our foodie friends have shared with us over the last few years.  Everyone loves a salad because they are so easy and you really can put just about any fruit, veggie, cheese, nuts, seeds, etc.. you can find around your house and create a new and delicious dish in no time.  

Salads are no longer about a bowl of greens, check out and get inspired by this list of salad recipes for any occasion! 

Make sure you have you have all you need to make your salads too! 

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Tomato Green Bean Feta Salad

Watermelon Salad

Caprese Tower Salad

Asian Chicken Salad

Curried Shrimp Salad

Blue Cheese Salad Dressing

Spicy Chicken Salad

Cajun Shrimp Salad

Corn Avocado Salad

Pizza Pasta Salad

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Chopped Chicken Salad

Orange Pomegranate Quinoa Salad

Warm Brussels Sprout Salad

Autumn Chicken Salad

Warm Raspberry Spinach Salad

Rainbow Quinoa Salad

Asian Cucumber Salad

Cold Brussels Sprout Salad with Blueberries

Carrot Apple Salad


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Salads such as Couscous Salad, Wasabi Tuna Noodle Salad, Mozzarella Salad and more

Wasabi Tuna&Noodle Salad Recipe – #tbt SORTED
Salad Recipes – How To Make Asian-Style Coleslaw

Cooknguide.com Learn to Cook Video Tutorial Series


 Salad Recipes!




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