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Rustic Street Number Hanging Planter Box

Rustic Street Number Hanging Planter Box

The sun is coming and time to enjoy the great outdoors! That means it’s time to spruce up the outside of your home. One simple way to do this is with a super easy project like this rustic street number hanging planter box! It actually is a quick project to add a lot of impact to the look of the front of your home. 


Rustic Street Numbers Hanging Planter Box



Items Needed:


Rustic Street Numbers Hanging Planter Box


Rustic Street Number Hanging Planter Box




Gather all your materials.


hanging street number sign woodworking project


Using your wood glue, begin by placing a strip along one end of each of your 10-inch pieces of wood.

Smear the glue so that it covers the entire end of each piece of wood.

Put both glued ends together and either use a clamp, or whatever you have on hand, to put pressure on those two pieces of wood for at least half an hour.


woodworking project


If you want to add extra strength, you can use a pocket hole jig if you have one and screw your two boards together.

(this is optional and not necessary)


woodworking project


While the glue is drying, take your other pieces of wood and screw them together.

(pre-drill your holes with a bit smaller than your screw to help not split your wood)

You can choose to use a hammer and nails for this part if you don’t have a drill and screws.

You will be making a box with one side missing.

The bottom piece of wood is your 2 7/8 x 6. Attach your two 3x 3 1/3 pieces of wood to the sides of this piece.

The sides will stick out a little way past the end of the other piece of wood.

That’s ok, that’s where your other piece of wood is going to go.

Take your last piece of wood and rest it on top of the portions of the sides that look too long.

Make sure it’s lined up and attach it using screws or nails.

(if you want to hide your screws, you can sink them using a Forstner drill bit and cover with wood putty or wood plugs)


woodworking project



At this point, you will want to use your sandpaper and sand the box down as well as the two pieces of wood you glued. Go with the grain of the wood.

The wood should feel soft to the touch after sanding.

If you want to stain or paint your wood, now would be the time to do it. For staining, you can use a shop towel.

Fold it into a tight bunch and dip the end of it in the stain. Rub the stain back and forth into the wood. Give it a few minutes to dry.



Rustic Street Number Planter Box


Attach your letters to the top of your two pieces of glued wood. Make sure they’re centered before putting them in place.


address numbers on sign


Now attach your box by holding it in place on the front while nailing or screwing into it from the back.

It took two of us to do this.

We measured where we wanted the box on the front then one of us held it in place while the other person measured on the back the same distance as we did on the front.

We move up just a touch from that spot and put 4 screws in.

It can be done with one person but it’s a pain.


woodworking project


Put your dirt in the box and add your plants.

( *use fake succulents set in rocks if you don’t have a green thumb! )

We put a hanger on the back of ours and added a nail out front in order to hang it.

There are many different ways to hang it but you will want to choose what’s best for you.


Rustic Street Number Hanging Planter Box


Easy right! 

I just LOVE how it adds a bit of drama and class – SO much better than the ugly old gold street numbers that came on the house originally!


Rustic Street Number Hanging Planter Box


Little changes can make a BIG impact. Don’t be afraid to try this project. It’s easier than you think! 


Download & Print the Directions: Rustic Street Numbers Hanging Planter Box





Easy Rustic Hanging Planter Box for Your Front Porch with Street Numbers!




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