Chicken Burger at Farm Burger Decatur, GA
Chicken Burger at Farm Burger Decatur, GA
No. 4 – Chicken Burger

Farm Burger is an Atlanta area favorite with three locations in the area and a new one in Asheville, NC.  Farm Burger prides itself on using meat from local sustainable and humane farms.  They are known for their grass fed beef, but one of the many reasons I like Farm Burger is that you can get burgers that are not beef.  I am just really not a ground beef fan, so their added choice of chicken or quinoa burgers makes it just the place for me.  One of their signature burgers is even made with pork.

Farm Burger is super casual.  You wait in line to order your food, but then it is brought to where you are sitting, but the burgers are well worth standing in line for.

The menu consists of burgers and an abundance of toppings to choose from including the regular lettuce and tomato as well as the unique goat cheese and pork belly.  Sides include fries, sweet potato fries, and onion rings.  They also offer what they call their Blackboard Burgers, which already have a combination of toppings picked.  In our recent visit, I had the Number 4, which was a chicken burger topped with kale coleslaw, smoked Gouda and sherry-date barbecue sauce.  My husband had the Number 5, which was a beef burger topped with goat cheese, bacon pimento onion marmalade, and arugula.  Both were wonderful!

Additionally, Farm Burger serves very unique snack type items, salads, floats, and even has a children’s menu.  To see the complete menu visit their site here.

No. 4 Farm Burger Chicken 2
inside the No. 4 chicken burger


Farm Burger Beef No. 5
No. 5 Beef Burger


Farm Burger beef No. 5 inside
inside the No. 5 beef burger




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