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The Real Wine and Food Experience in Venice #TravelTuesday

Osteria Al Mascaron

Today for #TravelTuesday, Our friend Marta is taking us on a foodie tour of Venice.  As if I didn’t already want to go bad enough already.  Now it is a MUST! 


The real wine & food experience in Venice

Venice is much more than what we read in a travel guide. It’s difficult to describe what really makes this destination so beautiful and special. In any case, my reasons for loving it go beyond its canals and gondolas. Instead, Venice knows how to attract me because it hides a local lifestyle probably similar to most Mediterranean towns in Europe. One of those traditions is visiting what Italians call bácaros, local bars especially visited by local people looking for good wine, food and conversation. This is my guide for wine lovers and for people that want to do as the Venetians do.

 Bacaros in Venice


Ca’ D’Oro: A paradise for local people

Based in one of the very narrow streets in the city, Ca’ D’Oro (it´s also known by locals as Alla Vedova) is one of those places where you can taste delicious wine and the famous polpette (meatballs). Here you’ll easily differentiate between tourists and the village people, as these ones stay at the bar enjoying a glass of while the others fight for a table…Top tip: Don’t expect any kind of posh service; the food is what matters here!

Cannaregio 3912, Venice


Al Merca: The smallest bácaro in town

It’s the smallest wine bar in Venice and it is famous for serving delicious Ciccheti (small dishes) Located by the famous Rialto market, it is the perfect stop to regain strength with a fresh seafood dish. Remember this place is best for having a glass of wine and some quick tapas whilst standing. The perfect place if you want to have a drink amongst the locals!

Campo Cesare Battisti, Venice

 Al Merca


Cantina Vecia Carbonera: Local nightlife atmosphere

This cantina is especially famous among the students in the area. It’s a messy place where the bench tables get incredible busy on a Thursday and Friday night. Here you can taste the best antipasti in the city and even though Venice is not especially known in terms of partying, here you will manage to have a great time with your friends. If you like jazz, this is also your place; the Cantina Vecia Carbonera runs jazz sessions on Thursdays and Sundays.   

Canneregio, Venice


El Sbarlefo: A bácaro in the heart of Cannaregio

This place has one of the best baccalà mantecato in town. It’s not an easy venue to find, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Here you will taste dish after dish while tasting delicious Veneto wines such as Vernaccia Nera or Ribolla Gialla for crazily low prices! The Sbarlefo is based in the Cannaregio area, an amazing place that lots of tourists miss. If you are looking for accommodation for your trip you can compare prices for Venice hotels with Expedia and discover how this neighbourhood retains a down-to-earth village feeling.

Sestiere Cannaregio, Venice


Osteria Al Mascaron:  Best seafood in Venice

It´s more a restaurant than a wine bar but it´s as warm and welcoming as any other little bácaro in town- It’s been a local institution for over 30 years. As its name says, here you´ll be able to taste fresh and delicious oysters as well as any kind of light snacks. Located in the Castello district area, it’s the perfect sample of Venetian cuisine.

Sestiere Castello, 30122 Venice

 Osteria Al Mascaron


I personally think there´s always two ways to explore a new destination. The first one is the cultural option, so don´t forget to arrange your gondola ride and take pictures at Piazza de San Marco. Once you have done all those things that the travel guide tells you, it´s time to go for the second option: get into the gastronomy experience.  Remember, you haven´t traveled hundreds of miles to drink very similar wines to those   you ´d find at home… Forget the Chianti and go for new tastes!



Author Bio

Marta López is a Galician writer based in London. She loves quality food, Spanish wine and travelling. When she is not writing on her laptop, she can be found around the city looking for the best Spanish and Italian cantinas.


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