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Onions are one of the most versatile cooking gems in our kitchen. We enjoy this vegetable in every stage of growth. Bulb onions can be started as onion “sets” now in window boxes or pots and transplanted when the ground thaws in early spring. Sets are created by removing bulblets that grow from onions left to go to seed. Space sets about an 1 1/2-inches apart and an inch deep in containers. They come in many varieties so why not plant a variety.



Here are a few with their uses:

  • Yellow onions are mild in taste and primarily used for cooking.
  • Red onions have a stronger taste and are best served raw as in salads.
  • Wala Wala onions are sweet and white as an all-purpose onion.
  • Candy onions come in red, white and yellow varieties. These are sweet all-purpose onions.

You can also purchase startera from companies like Renee’s Garden . Starters give a jump on the growing season with their little green shoots ready to plant.

Green onions also know as spring onions, bunching onions and scallions can be early onions from any of the bulb onion varieties. Plant yellow onion sets in pots or window boxes for quick growing scallions. Be careful not to over water because of rot.

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