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Even though it may be too early to plant in your area -unless you use a cold frame- it is time to think about doing outside activities.

  • Clean-up winter yard debris; toss branches ,leaves and old mulch in your compost pile.
  • By now many early bulbs like snowdrops and some crocus have bloomed. Daffodils and some spring bloomers are starting to emerge. Remove any compressed leaf mulch and lightly fertilize.
  • Jump start your compost pile with vegetable food scraps and water as weather permits.
  • This is the time to install trellises, latticework or other support structures before perennials start active growth.
  • Refer to your garden planner , and stake off the area . If you waited to draw-up a garden plan, do so now. Keep these things in mind when planning your area.
  • You can “recycle” space by planting fast growers like spinach and leaf lettuce after harvesting cabbage ,broccoli or other cole crops. Order extra seed accordingly.
  • *Keep mature plant heights in mind when spacing to ensure the best light possible for all plants.
  • Make sure the center of any raised beds can be reached from all sides.
  • Allow enough space between rows to work comfortably.
  • Getting the garden ready now will save you valuable planting time later.

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