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Rain Chains Review #GardenSense

rain chainRainwater means different things to different people. To a weatherman, the amount of rainwater we’re getting is big news. It could determine drought or floods. To a farmer, rainwater means the amount of soil moisture the crops will receive. To a fisherman, the amount of rainwater entering a stream or river may determine how you fish.
As homeowners, from a practical viewpoint we can appreciate rainwater to nourish our plants, cool our air and reduce airborne dust and pollen.
As gardeners we relish the sound of rain dripping on a leaf. The feel of rain drops splashing on your skin. The fresh smell left behind after a warm, spring shower.
Running water can be a beautiful addition to your garden. A fountain of flowing water is lovely but a dry fountain, well not so much.
Another way to add a water feature to your yard or garden is with a rain chain. Wet or dry, these add beauty to your outdoor space.
Rain chains are designed to channel water from your roof in place of a downspout. Angle the chain to drain into your yard or flowerbed. These chains can carry water to your rain barrel too.
No rain? No worries. Hang it strategically around your garden area to catch the sunlight on a bright day. You can direct water through it to create a stunning showpiece.
I received this beautiful Aged Square Cups Rain Chain design to review and immediately thought about hanging it up at the cabin. The rustic copper cups fit perfectly into the decor.
rain chain drips
It is very easy to hang by the attached hanger or use the downspout adapter.
Rain Chains Direct has many styles from cups to chain links that blend into any outdoor arrangement.
No need to take your rain chain down come winter. Icicles only add to the beauty.
What sets these rain chains apart from others? Here is an explanation taken from their website:
“Probably the biggest reason is quality for your dollar. When we say quality, we mean 100% pure copper rain chains designed with beautiful contemporary styling. Many of the chains you see appearing on the market are “copper” as in copper coated, but these are not 100% copper and are a cheaper way of making rain chains. Copper is expensive and it’s tempting to cut costs by using other materials, but for us this is not an acceptable option.
Copper is a 100% recyclable material, in that it can be re-used over and over in many different products without affecting its essential properties. We are committed to being an environmentally smart company and this is one of the ways we achieve this. We are also completely paperless, by the way!”

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Website: http://www.rainchainsdirect.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RainChainsDirect
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rainchains
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I received a free Rain Chains Direct rain chain for review. I was under no obligation to write this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. April Cook says:

    This is a beautiful rain chain! The copper will end up aging well too. I would love to have one or two to hang on my back porch. Are the chains supposed to reach all the way to the ground? Thanks for sharing this information!

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