Halloween is almost here, and if your kids are like mine, you house has been decorated for weeks and they have been begging to get pumpkins a week ago!  Truth told, it is time.  Time to load up the kids and spend waaayyyy toooo long picking the perfect pumpkin.  Then, immediately when you get home, it is time for pumpkin carving.  If it were up to my girls, they would just dive right in, but my one rule when it comes to carving is: measure twice, cut once.  These are our very creative pumpkins from last year… but if you are looking for something say, a little more extravagant, then try these websites below for some great carving ideas and free stencils:

Pumpkin Carving and Stencils

Family Fun

Better Homes and Gardens


Martha Stewart

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  1. I am not a Halloween person, but I love carved pumpkins with candles…Thanks for sharing this

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