When I was a little girl my mother always had me write out thank you notes to my relatives

and family friends who gave me Christmas gifts.  It was always a chore for me!


I still think it’s important to teach our children how to write out thank you notes.  

I know I love receiving notes from my nieces and nephews.  


I created these EASY printable thank you cards for you to print out on your printer. 

Just have your child “fill in the blanks” with what they received. 


Click on the link above the photos and a new window will open for you to print out

as many thank you cards as you need.  


I wish it was this easy when I was younger!


Santa Printable Thank You Note





This one you can have your child color in and make it his own.  


Elf Printable Thank You Card



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  1. These are perfect for my 5 and 6 year olds! Thank you for making them available!

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