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Plantain Chips

plantain chips

Last week, I showed you how to make fried plantains and showed a picture of plantain chips.  This week I will show you how to make plantain chips.  

When making plantain chips, the plantains should not be as ripe.  The can be anywhere between green with some yellow to yellow with some black spots.  The riper the plantain the sweeter the chips will be.  I like to use plantains that are yellow with some black on them.

Plantain Chips

Plantain Chips


  • 2 plantains - not very ripe
  • small amount of salt - approximately 1 tsp
  • small amount of water - couple of tablespoon
  • oil to fry


  1. Cut plantains into small quatre shape rounds
  2. Place in bowl, add salt and water and mix. The water will help the salt saturate into plantains. Set aside
  3. Place oil into frying pan, approximately one inch and heat on medium- high until oil is hot
  4. Place plantains in oil and cook until golden brown
  5. Take out of oil and place in sieve to drain off excess oil.
  6. Enjoy either warm or cold.
cut plantain in thin quarter size rounds



place plantains in hot and oil and fry until golden brown










drain excess oil off plantains and enjoy
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  1. Busy Vegetarian Mom says:

    I bought my first plantain after your last article and I can’t wait to cook it up. Thanks for sharing 😉

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