By now, most northern gardeners have started saving their seeds and putting their gardens to bed for the winter.
Before you pack away your tools, I have a proposal for you.
Consider sharing your garden with friends and family for the Holidays!
I’m not suggesting that you drag everyone out to the pumpkin patch (or where it used to be). Share some saved seeds with them to start them off next year. Vegetable and flower seeds that stand the test of time in your garden will be appreciated. If you also shared the bounty of veggies with them, all the more welcomed those seeds will be to them.
Just package and label with growing instructions and any notes you like to add.
You say you don’t have any saved seeds to share? Plants grown from clippings also work well as gifts. Many annuals make great houseplants to brighten winter days. Coleus and polka dot plants are easy to grow indoors. Don’t forget to root houseplant clippings like philodendrons and pothos vines too! Dividing and transplanting is a great way to share plants.
Bulbs like Amaryllis and paperwhites can light up a room.
If you have a squash or pumpkin harvest, remember to save the seeds. Roast the seeds and give as gifts. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds make great additions to homemade granola too!
Giving these little extra gifts from the garden shows loved ones you’ll go the extra gardening mile!

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